Top 10 Cheapest Cars Available with a V8 Engine

Top 10 Cheapest Cars Available with a V8 Engine

2. Dodge Charger R/T: $29,995

The Dodge Charger is a less luxury oriented version of the Chrysler 300C we had on the list earlier. It still has that awesome HEMI V8, which puts out 370-hp. It also still has that all-wheel drive, but where the Charger really deviates from it’s Chrysler brother is with its aggressive looks, and a price tag that’s lower by $8,475.

  • $53,900 for an S5 is absolutely laughable.  About as funny as the $68,900 price tag they just listed for the 2013 RS5.   You cant drive one of those new out of a dealership for a dime under $60k

  • Chavitz1

    Laughable headline!!!  How can a V8 be cheapest? it wastefully burns alot of gas!  Otherwise nexttime there will another headline ” the top ten cheapest V12″. 

    Seriously speaking, in near future those cars will likely  be named as most stupid cars

  • Athelitextreme

    Chavitz1, are you having trouble saving pennies to fill the tank? I drive a Challenger R/T & enjoy every gallon of gas I burn!

  • Chavitz1

    Your type of car is stupidly too heavy to drive.  If I own and drive your type, I would feel guilt of excessive pollution and feel my character mared because it is stupidly both heavey and clumsy.

  • Holly

    Hard to believe the Lexus IS-F isn’t on the list, but it’s true!

  • A 2011-2013 V6 Mustang with the PP could take both the R/T Challenger and Charger… so why are they even on the list? And just look at their gas mileage and weight… heavier = more gas to burn to get moving. I think this list is just stupid…. 

  • tepu

    No match for Audi S6, the beauty queen. very good read.


  • That was a pretty subjective selection when they opted to show two versions of one model (Camaro and Mustang) and ignored the SRT ones that are actually cheaper than the S5 and Corvette. I know they tried for diversity, but still.

    3 Mopars in that list, including in 1st and 2nd place, is why I drive one and am shopping for another.

  • USponycar

    The V6 Mustang’s not on the list because the title of the article is, 
    Top 10 Cheapest Cars Available with a V8 Engine

  • G8GT

    Did the author not notice that the Hyundai Genesis no longer has a 4.6L V8? It’s a 5.0…..

  • Colum Wood

    Actually, the Genesis Sedan is available with either a 4.6L or a 5.0L in 2012.

  • Janks01


  • tarias

    I love V-8 engines!!!!!

  • Howie Johnson

    That’s dumb. Everybody knows you can get a Cadillac El Dorado, used, in Florida for $1,500 with a NORTHSTAR V8 baby. Besides, I have an uncle who said he tuned his caddy out to 850 horsepower. Wayyyy better than a crappy camaro…

  • Peter

    4.6 is still available.

  • V8

    V8 power forever!

  • I would feel like a pussy girl to drive whatever Eco punishment box you roll around in. Not to mention all of these cars have a smaller Carbon footprint than a Prius. They do not need to have 200 different components shipped from 50 different countries, using materials that are highly toxic. All that to get a vehicle that gets 50% better highway gas mileage. Not to mention to benefit from those gas savings, you would have to drive a Prius 15 years over a similarly equipped Corolla. Or 5 years over my Charger. But of course that would require you to recognize facts instead of over emotionalizing your political rhetoric.

  • Chevy Guy

    The Corvette has not always had a V8 engine.

  • Guest

    If you buy a challenger rt, get the trac pak option and a manual trans. The really high rear end ratio gives you a tremendous launch off the line. The six gears mean you still can get 150+ easily. I had mine over 140 in 5th with several hunderd rpms to go. Had to let off, I was running out of road way too fast. 😉
    Don’t try this at home folks. My challenger has a borla exhaust, predator tune, and cold air intake upgrade. These speeds require ‘Y’ rated tires. I’m using pirelli pzeros. I’m thinking about a supercharger from procharger next. Not sure the wife agrees.

  • Pharnham

    “I would feel guilt of excessive pollution and feel my character [marred]”

    The pagan religious zealot thread is that way ————>

    This is about automobiles.

  • Ford Crown-Victoria

  • bobbyb

    whaaat?..corvette has always had ONLY a v8 engine

  • bobbyb


  • Kiyoshi Manabe

    The newest Audi S5 powered by 420bhp V8 is a sheer engineering triumph, I do believe.
    Yet her absurd price would blunt her intrinsic calue, in the light of economy.

  • Monchi&Dessy

    The title says “cheapest”, and these cars are priced at what a lot of people cant afford. I could think of more than 10 v8 cars that could be bought under $5000.

  • Cameron Cougar

    Yeah, but they’ll surely B 2nd hand…

  • john

    I have only had one V-6 all my cars and still is a V-8 . I have a 1997 Ford Explorer with V-8 in perfect condition and at my age 80 It will for sure out last me. I would never spend more for my car than I ever did a house.

  • Scott

    Some of the first Corvettes actually had
    straight Six engines.

  • Serolf Divad

    Well, I could get a Ferrari 458 for free, too, if my dad won the lottery and bought one for me. But that’s not the point of this article. These are the cheapest V8s that you can buy new.

  • Zakk Sinurge


  • Peter B. Duran

    American manufacturer want to sell you just what they want they don’t show any consideration to what the consumer want to buy. The Ford Motor Company took out the Lincoln Town Car of the market in 2011 and this is one of the best cars of the market….. Now apparently the V8 engine doesn’t show in any Coupe 4 doors car but just in sport cars….. The same happens with the Refrigerators only a few in Almond or Bisque color but the majority in Metal or White…..

  • Chevyownsyou

    Challengers are slow.

  • Rommy soeli

    In indonesia even 2.5 l (Lowest Configuration) Camry are priced 42,000 USD, with equivalent cash what you can take in U.S. ?

  • Tom

    Scott, you are correct, first TEST andfirst production in 1953 were blue flame six cylinders. Bo-tie v-8’s come out in 1955.