Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient AWD Cars and Crossovers

Top 10 Most Fuel Efficient AWD Cars and Crossovers

2. Lexus RX450h 30/28/29

The popular Lexus RX crossover should be known by now as the most fuel efficient crossover. But even when equipped with AWD it gets pretty impressive numbers, which put it just below our number one most efficient AWD vehicle. The AWD-equipped RX450h features the latest version of Toyota’s Hybrid Synergy drive system, which has three electric motors. Pair those three electric motors with a 3.5-liter V6 engine, and the RX450h packs a total of 295-hp. The total package means that the big Lexus can still get a combined 29 mpg, an impressive 30 mpg in the city and 28 mpg on the highway. Of course, this fuel efficiency isn’t cheap, as the Lexus still costs $47,310 and requires premium fuel.

  • Keith H

     Hard to believe there are sports cars on this list.

  • Today’s list is of cars with the best fuel economy that are equipped with a no-compromise all, or four-wheel drive system. You’ll find a wide variety of vehicles making up this list, from luxury cars, crossovers, SUVs and even a sports car.

  • Dale

    You left out the SX4 Crossover, one of the most underrated vehicles on the road.

  • F-u

    stupid man

  • Sphyg

    25 mpg is not “fuel efficient” I have a 1995 volvo that gets almost 30 mpg…
    I expect better from cars 17 years later…

  • Bin


  • Richardmbjue

    I’m not pleased at all with so many of the car companies out there!  Most still get really poor gas milage! And if they happen to get great milage they look like a very Fugly Hoopty!  They charge so much more money for it that any money I saved on milage all went back into the over priced Fugly car I bought to save money on gas.  I love Honda’s and Acura’s but the gas milage sucks!  My car requires Super Unleaded/Premium Gas and I only get about 19 miles a gallon.  If I were a car maker I’d make Family cars, Trucks
     and Convertible Sports Cars that looked and performed great with 5 Star safety, tech smart, electric, at least 100 miles to the gallon and sell them for 25,000 to 35,000 and sell 10X more then everyone else!

  • Jimmy

    I don’t see a geo tracker any where. That darn thing gets 25mpg combined! Also it’s cheaper than crap! Heck for the price of some of those cars you pick up a six pack of trackers!

  • Morgan_wgtn

    Hmmm. Shud i buy a used one: maybe ’08 -’10 ?

  • Brick

    I whole heartedly have to laugh my socks off at those fuel efficiency figures.  Come back with some cars that do 40+ MPG.  In Europe they drive performance cars that can do 50+ MPG…

  • Dimitrios G. Panagiotidis

    Sorry, I owned two of them one in 2011 and another in 2012, it’s a long story why I had two identical cars in two years in a row, but I’ll share if you’re not bored. In my opinion the SX4 is just a basic (not bad, not exceptional) car that will, do the obvious, i.e. take you from point A to point B ok, but at the same time it’s plagued by a lot of design flaws (e.g. annoyances) that really have an impact on you in the end. It is definitely a “plough”, with excellent driveability through snow and great safety features but beyond that (non snow driving) it’s a car that gets on your nerves quickly. It is probably one of the the worst cars I have driven judging it in many other aspects. Since this thread is about mpg, the epa estimate of 23/29 is a bogus, with average driving I get more like 19/26. I ‘ve never gotten more than 21 in the city no matter how carefully I drive and yes, I will get as high as 32 mpg in the highway but only if I were to drive for at least one hour at a steady speed of no more than 55-60 mph without having to brake and re-accelerate, which is pretty unrealistic. I also found the Suzuki dealers to be on the average pretty shoddy and manipulative, in general a very unpleasant experience with the SX4.     

  • iwan trah

    wait for 2013 update

  • Chris

    What about TDI? 

  • Bozeorbust

    I have a ’99 legacy Brighton wagon that is less than 3000 lbs and has a 142 HP 2.2 engine that does better mpg than most of these selections plus has better cargo space. Why doesn’t the this type of vehicle exist anymore??? Also, why don’t we have the 2.0 turbo diesels like in Europe? The 2.0 diesel seems to be very popular there including in the Toyota 4×4 trucks.

  • Captain Obvious

    ya i think you mean KPG not MPG which makes sense. Only thing doing 50 MPG is hybrid or diesel.