Top 10 Progressive Sports Cars of the Future

Top 10 Progressive Sports Cars of the Future

7. Acura NSX

Acura NSX

The original NSX was progressive in its time with super-car beating looks and performance for less than super-car money, but this new one is really setting the bar high for the next generation of sports cars. With the new concept, Honda has gone searching to find the ultimate synergy between man and machine. How? By using a V6 engine placed in the middle of the car, that is assisted by three electric motors. Yes, three electric motors provide support to the NSX, which is optimized to provide extra torque and grip while cornering. This is all done through Acura’s SH-AWD system, something we’re counting on seeing in action very soon.

  • JR

    NSX for me!

  • what we think are the top 10 progressive sports cars that have debuted

  • Price

    fuck you where is the price…..?????????????/

  • Mysterious One76

    The front of the Mercedes does look like an actual car from the movie Cars.  the head light looks like eyes…..and that yellow color…awful…just saying

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    That Porsche 918 spyder looks SOOOO BEAST!!!! if only I was a millionaire 🙁

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    That guy “price” from one month ago…….is an asshole and has minimal command of the English language. Why a fool.