Top 10 Progressive Sports Cars of the Future

Top 10 Progressive Sports Cars of the Future

3. Porsche 918 Spyder

Porsche 918 Spyder

For those not convinced that a hybrid power-train makes a pure sports car, maybe you should try listening to Porsche talk about its upcoming 918 Spyder. Yes, even Porsche has a hybrid super-car up its sleeve, and the 918  has a combined output of around 718 horsepower. All that power goes to all four wheels and comes from three electric motors assisting a big V8. Expectations for fuel economy numbers are around 78 mpg, making this quite the fuel-friendly super-car. The really progressive technology here is “push-to-pass” feature, which allows the driver to get an extra bit of boost from the cars electric engines for a short period of time.

  • JR

    NSX for me!

  • what we think are the top 10 progressive sports cars that have debuted

  • Price

    fuck you where is the price…..?????????????/

  • Mysterious One76

    The front of the Mercedes does look like an actual car from the movie Cars.  the head light looks like eyes…..and that yellow color…awful…just saying

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    That Porsche 918 spyder looks SOOOO BEAST!!!! if only I was a millionaire 🙁

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    That guy “price” from one month ago…….is an asshole and has minimal command of the English language. Why a fool.