Top Ten Cars for Teens

Top Ten Cars for Teens

5. Scion xB

One of two Scion models recently axed, the xB has become popular amongst enthusiasts looking for something different. The manual xB starts at $17,030 while the automatic is $17,980 and under the hood is a 2.4-liter, four-cylinder with a respectable 158-hp. Act quick though if you’ve been interested in getting an xB, as the funky box will soon head to its final resting place.

  • Gedsonrezende

    cade os carros americanos ?????

  • kprajapa

    teens drive fast, reckless, none of these would last if there were an accident!

  • Madisonkaye2

    shut up. teens are very responsible you dont know anything.

  • zero1786

     ^^ doesn’t sound “responsible” to me…

    as far as american cars not being on the list, list was comprised of reliable, affordable, stylish, and safe vehicles…american cars only got affordable and maybe safe down and it’s evident by how fast they discontinue a car model

  • James

    I’m 16 and this list should be top 10 cars teens don’t want … Aside from the scion tc

  • Colum Wood

    Too funny James. Glad to have your opinion. The low insurance cost is the big factor here and that usually means the car is pretty dull.

  • Ltc1998

    My daughter took one look at the list and went.yuck. As a parent I think I want a little bit more steel wrapped around her. As a USAA member I am finding this list a little difficult to believe!

  •  Being seventeen myself, I must disagree. Though several of these cars may appear as small, and unsafe, I have looked up accidents of some of these vehicles, which seem to prove them as being safe and well built.

  • Britt54

    17 atm and don’t think these are cars teen would like..

  • Brandon

    This should be the top 10 for seniors…

  • no, seniors prefer old fashioned american gas guzzlers because they are willing to pay for maintenance and gas; and because they want the cushy amenities that they are used to

    ie Buick…

  • Blah

    yeah that and the forte, IF you get the coup. this list sucks.

  • Jt

    I am 19 I have a scion did and I love it it!!! My cuzz is 17 and she has the Honda Crz and she loves it and it is a fun little car as well

  • Lala

    there for teen safety

  • Kissme


  • Yynotnnh2003

    I would buy only two on this list. Honda Civic and Scion tC. The others are a joke.

  • Yynotnnh2003

    Ya that is right more steel so they can kill others. If you give them less car they are more afraid to do stupid things behind the wheel. Uh duh..

  • these are mostly kind of shit and half of them aren’t compact at all, the ford focus would be a much better choice, or even a friggin fiesta. those are compact cars, not the elantra
    also, half of the ones marked at 15 or 16 thousand are not that price at all

  • Payton

    Where did this survey come from? China? This list is not for american teens.

  • xxxHondaToyotacrap

    Hah that’s funny because it’s not like Toyota and Honda recall the most vehicles every year (Hopefully you catch the sarcasm)


  • Jason

    Kill me before i drive any of these pieces of junk

  • Jason

    I’m 16 and I love good old fashioned american muscle,

    ie: Chevelle, Camaro, Mustang, Charger, Challenger

  • Will

    The truth is teens can’t afford these cars unless mommy and daddy buy it for them and pay for the insurance, gas, repairs, etc. For the teens that have to buy the car and pay for it a used car is better. And for wanting more steel wrapped around your kid the Scion’s are made from more steel than Toyota’s, believe me I work on them for a living.For all you teens you don’t need to worry about this because you won’t be able to afford these cars or the ones you want because if you have a job you DON’T make enough and if you do get the car you want (mustang, rsx-s, camaro,etc.) most likely your mommy or daddy bought it for you.

  • E

    All the kids at my school drive sports cars. What is this?!

  • Cade Whitfield

    I’m 19 and I looked at a lot of these cars when I was car shopping. Unfortunately, many of them were subpar with terrible handling, no power or made with cheap materials that I felt was not worth my money. Since I pay for my car myself these things were important to me, as well as practicality, power and gas mileage. I ended up purchasing a BMW 328i. Power, practicality, great gas mileage and no cost maintenance all in one package. Not to mention my payments are the exact same as they quoted me for a Ford Focus Titanium. Don’t underestimate the young generation. Not all of us work at McDonalds and depend on our parents.

  • Scion is Toyota.

  • Annonymous

    I’m 15 and looking at a Subaru BRZ. Sporty, but not too fast.

  • Oscar

    Manager at Call Center, 18, make more than my parents, ranked 7 out of 350 students, pay for everything that I need. Includes insurance, gas, and every repair large or small. I don’t need “mommy or daddy” because I knew how to handle myself. About to leave for College to Study law. Ever work at Mcdonald’s, nope.

  • Richie615

    I drive my dad’s Gallardo. Hate on me if you want. Lol

  • eddie

    no teen wants any of these cars, who the hell thinks these are top 10. Probably the shittiest looking cars i have seen

  • Rico

    I’m 15 and the only way I would drive any of these cars is with a beg over my head. We want muscle cars and sports cars. Heck I would drive a 1980s VW Golf before I would drive this crap.


    I’m 14 looking to buy a car when I turn 16, i will not let my parents even help me earn or save to buy the car i want (nissan 370z). I do almost anything to get money and i’m doing research on cars now to find a better car, price, gas, and parts wise. So if you can help comment. I didn’t read the list cause of the comments.

  • bob

    get a cube

  • Sami

    Hey I am 14 and I am doing the same but the better car is the Mini Cooper hardtop 2014 (when ur 16) I am going to do that by the time your 16 it will cost $10,000 so good price for a safe car like that