Toyota CEO Takes NASCAR Camry for a Spin – Video

Toyota CEO Takes NASCAR Camry for a Spin – Video

There’s much to be said about an automaker’s CEO that is seen more often in a race suit than a business suit.

To celebrate the launch of the new Toyota GT 86, Akio Toyoda was seen drifting the Japanese automaker’s newest toy, and this time around he’s been caught behind the wheel of the 2013 NASCAR Toyota Camry.

The 2013 NASCAR Toyota Camry was recently unveiled, looking much like its factory model counterpart. Toyoda clearly isn’t your typical Japanese CEO however, having no reservations to hop behind the wheel of a stereotypical American motorsport race car. Of course he’s proud of all the creations that Toyota ushers in, and this is a true testament to Toyoda’s passion for bringing unexpected designs back to the Japanese automaker.

Accompanying Toyoda on the test drive was seasoned NASCAR driver Kyle Busch. How entertaining that must have been, to see the colorful Busch interacting with the Japanese CEO.

Watch the video of Toyoda behind the wheel of the new 2013 NASCAR Toyota Camry below.

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  • T. Roll

    Mark my words, this guy is going to absolutely transform Toyota and Lexus.