Toyota GT 86 Gets Unique 320-HP Twincharger System from Gazoo Racing

Toyota GT 86 Gets Unique 320-HP Twincharger System from Gazoo Racing

Ever since the Toyota GT 86 became official, sports car enthusiasts worldwide have been anxiously awaiting the announcement of either a turbocharged or supercharged variant.

And for now, Toyota won’t be offering a supercharged or turbocharged variants of its greatest new sports car, but Gazoo Racing has decided to build its own GT 86 using both forced induction technologies. The result is the Gazoo Racing Sport FR Concept, using a twincharger system that makes 320-hp and 310 lb-ft of torque and is most certainly a complete blast to drive.

Gazoo Racing has been partnering with Toyota for a few years now, and we should point out that its GT 86 twincharger is simply a concept for now. On the outside, a styling package gives the Toyota GT 86 a more aggressive and sportier profile while the parts maker also equipped it with its own brakes and suspension.

One can only hope that something like that makes it to market, even in limited quantities. The interesting thought is whether Toyota will take note of what Gazoo Racing has done – or better yet, has been working with Gazoo Racing to determine the pros and cons of each method of forced induction. With how much fun the Scion FR-S already is, a twincharged version might just be perfection.

GALLERY: Gazoo Racing Sport FR Concept


  • Holly

    Hopefully this is a sign that Toyota is working on Twincharging systems for its own cars.

  • Johnny Tightlips

    I wonder how that little engine can cope with all that power

  • Teh1337one

     I know this is OLD by now. However I was rereading this article because I am still interested in the new 86. I’d honestly say it could handle it fairly well. The 4g63t found in several cars (Lancer Evolution, Eclipse, Talon, Laser, Galant VR4, etc) has been proven to hold up to 500 wheel horse power (On all wheel drive models at that) with just fuel mods and cams/springs. There is even a episode of Pinks where a owner of a Eclipse GST with 200,000+ miles ran 11s on a stock bottom end. Magnus Motorsports put MANY MANY races on a 4g63T across multiple seasons pushing over 700hp, when the engine was retired it was only for upgrades not because of damage or normal wear. However the V8s they were racing against had been rebuilt multiple times. You can get huge numbers and reliability out of a PROPERLY built turbo four cylinder.