Toyota GT86 Price is Double in Netherlands over US

Toyota GT86 Price is Double in Netherlands over US

Bummed about not being one of the lucky few to snag a Scion FR-S this year? Just be glad you’re not living in the Netherlands where the same car costs an awful lot more.

Americans lucky enough to make the list will pay $24,200 for an FR-S (plus a $730 destination fee). The Subaru BRZ will cost a bit more than that, but also comes better equipped, which is well in line with both car’s goal to be an affordable rear-drive sports coupe aimed at young, enthusiastic buyers. You can’t have the Toyota GT86, but that’s OK because there’s no difference (the Scion badge is just an Americanization).

Hop on over to the Netherlands and that story changes. All three (BRZ, GT86 and FR-S) are available, but not for the same price — not by a long shot.

The tag, which was just announced is roughly double what you would pay for the car in North America. In fact, people can expect to pay €39,990 when it goes on sale July 1, which is about $51,000. The GT86 Limited is even more expensive, jumping about another $2,000 over the already exorbitant base price.

The Subaru BRZ slots right between those two with a price that translates to around $52,700. Yes, the upcoming coupe is awesome, but is it worth that much?


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  • Shengyen

    Be glad ppl, it’s still cheaper than Singapore (SGD198,988 or USD157,260) for  

  • steve

    one of many reasons why I love america

  • Chris

    In Norway the base price of the GT86 is 448,000.00 NOK, which is 75,105 USD currently (22 June 2012). Metalic or pearl paint is an extra 754 USD. :-)



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