Toyota Hybrid Sales Hit Milestone: 4 Million Sold

Toyota Hybrid Sales Hit Milestone: 4 Million Sold

Toyota has many new competitors nipping at its heels, but can still successfully claim the hybrid king crown, with total sales across all of the Japanese company’s brands topping four million through April, 2012. 

The first Toyota hybrid, the Prius, went on sale in Japan in 1997, and three years later in 2000 in America.

There are currently 18 hybrid vehicles in Toyota’s worldwide lineup, sales of which account for 15 percent of Toyota Motor Corporation’s overall vehicle sales this year. 1.5 million hybrids in total have been sold in the U.S. alone, with 1.2 million of those sales coming from the original hybrid that started them all, the Prius.

The new additions to the Prius family, namely the small Prius C and the large Prius V, have helped boost sales of the iconic hybrid brand.

“While we’re proud of this accomplishment, we are not stopping here as hybrids will continue to be a core technology for Toyota,” Bob Carter, group vice president and general manager at Toyota Division said.

In addition to being proud of its sales, Toyota is also touting is environmental impact and claiming that 26 million tons of C02 emission have been saved from entering the earth’s atmosphere thanks to the company’s hybrid technology.

However with the rise in efficiency of pure electric cars, you have to wonder if Toyota’s dominance in the gasoline alternative market will remain.