Volkswagen Beetle Fender Edition Heading to Production

Volkswagen Beetle Fender Edition Heading to Production

At last year’s Frankfurt Auto Show, Volkswagen displayed a Beetle “Fender Edition” concept car that paid homage to the legendary guitar brand based out of the U.S. A year later, the German automaker has decided to offer the package to interested buyers.

Unfortunately the production model won’t be as cool as the concept, which featured the ability to connect an electric guitar to a subwoofer of the Fender sound system. A subwoofer will still be in the production model, but musicians will have to plug it in via an aux-in port or through Bluetooth by means of a smartphone app. Missing will also be the auxiliary tube amplifier located on top of the dash.

What buyers will get however are 19-inch wheels and a leather-coated roof along with a high-gloss black paint job with red accents. The door mirror covers, handles, side sill accents, VW badge, exhaust tips, and trim strip beneath the side windows will be finished in chrome. The Beetle Fender Edition concept was also lowered 1.2-inch, though we expect the production model won’t be as drastic. On the hood is a guitar pick decal while the original Fender signature can be seen underneath the VW badge on the trunk.

Inside the Fender Edition Beetle, what will remain is its unique ‘Sunburst’ two-tone wood design pattern that’s seen on many Fender guitars. And of course there will be a high-end stereo system to enjoy your beats while driving around town.

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[Source: Car and Driver]