Volkswagen Jetta Alltrack Heading to America

Volkswagen Jetta Alltrack Heading to America

Volkswagen appears to be readying a Jetta Alltrack for the American market, a crossover variant based on the next-generation Jetta wagon models.

The VW Jetta Alltrack is speculated to make an appearance by 2015, sporting a raised ride height, wheel fender trim, different front and rear bumpers, and interior changes. The Alltrack model’s goal is to appear and perform more rugged than its more economical counterpart, and offer VW customers a larger platform option for the already popular Jetta.

Back at the 2012 New York Auto Show, the German automaker put a Passat Alltrack Concept on display to gauge consumer interest, and it appears that the model was well received. North American will be a key market for the Alltrack since the second-generation Tiguan will offer optional third-row seating in 2014. VW views the Alltrack crossover as the perfect model to slot into its lineup underneath the Tiguan, offering a smaller crossover to consumers.

[Source: Autocar UK]

  • Louis

    But will it be bigger than a Golf? That would be disappointing. Something closer to the European Passat size that can sit 5 more comfortably would be more practical.

  • Tim Burr

    Man this stuff takes for ever. We have a 1999 Passat Wagon and we are ready to buy the Alltrack but there’s just too much speculation and not enough hard facts from VW. Why the secrecy. Tick-tock folks. At least with the Outback I can just go buy it today. The Alltrack? Who knows!!!

  • Doc H

    At this rate it’ll probably be another full year before it’s on sale, even if they announce it tomorrow. Hopefully soon! I REALLY want one of these things.