Volvo ‘Road Train’ Travels 120 Miles on Public Roads

Volvo ‘Road Train’ Travels 120 Miles on Public Roads

The Volvo road train has already undergone successful testing on a closed course. Now, a 120-mile drive across Spain marks the first use of the technology on public roads.

It’s called a road train because that is what the technology is meant to emulate, a train on a set of tracks. Led by a Volvo heavy truck, a XC60, a V60 and a Volvo S60 followed in line with just six meters separating them, and mimicked every move of the vehicle in front. This system still needs a driver to operate the lead car, but in theory just one driver could lead the way for a long line of chase vehicles.

The technology not only offers an autonomous driving experience, but will also increase fuel efficiency by up to 20 percent according to Volvo. Traffic will also be reduced, because of each cars ability to look ahead and predict driving patterns.

“We covered 200 kilometres in one day and the test turned out well. We’re really delighted,” says Linda Wahlström, project manager for the SARTRE (Safe Road Trains for the Environment) project at Volvo Car Corporation.

Having just shown off the pedestrian airbag, Volvo is at the forefront of new safety technology in the automotive field.

Watch the video below detailing the Volvo road train.

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