Volvo S60 Designers Reveal Styling Inspiration- Video

Volvo S60 Designers Reveal Styling Inspiration- Video

Volvo is a brand that established a reputation of safety and reliability, but rarely received praise for sporty or exciting looking cars. The S60 concept was unveiled in 2008 and changed that perception, showing a new design direction which is being adopted across the Swedish automakers full line.

The S60 was given a distinctly coupe look although it retains its four door setup, which compliments the sporty appearance of the car. While drawing out the lines of the interior and exterior, the designers discuss their influences and inspiration, and stress that when going to the drawing board the goal was to produce something that would catch attention and change opinions.

The evolution from original design to the modern look of the S60 is radical, and now more than ever Volvo can offer the complete package of good looks along with the standard safety features they are known for.

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Watch the designers explaining the S60 in the video below.

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