VW Interns Build 360-HP Golf GTI Black Dynamic Concept

VW Interns Build 360-HP Golf GTI Black Dynamic Concept

Volkswagen likes to let its student apprentices strut their stuff once and a while, and the latest custom offering put together by a group of nine students is the Golf GTI Black Dynamic concept.

The team started with the motto ‘sporty driving’, and designed the car to fit this image, starting off by tweaking the suspension of the GTI to get the car 35mm closer to the ground. An extra 150 hp was provided by tuning the engine control unit, gearbox, and adding an oversized sports exhaust. An eight piston brake setup was also added, to better cope with the extra power.

Much of what went into the car was to improve the look of the GTI. Features like hand-made GTI lettering that adorn the doors and hatch and the deep black metallic exterior finish combined with flat anthracite film trim come together to create the style of the car. An 1,800 watt sound system installed in the trunk is visible beneath a specially manufactured plexiglas sheet, and makes this custom cruiser that much more impressive, and loud.

The interior of the car got some upgrades as well, with sport seats upholstered in black-and-red Alcantara and leather, and interior door trim with decorative red seams to complete the black and red contrast.

“For our team, the GTI Black Dynamic is the high point of our training,” said Martin Schmidt, mechatronics technician and VW apprentice. “The amount that we have learned is incredible, and we have developed our own ideas and implemented them in ‘our’ car. Where else do you get an opportunity like that?”

The car debuted at the Worthersee GTI festival in Austria today.

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  • Radioactiveman

    My eyes!!! The goggles, they do nothing!

  • Howie johnson

    LOL. Lame. Those idiots ruined the boot with a sound system, what are they going to listen to?

  • Bahar Wadia

    Is this what VW is wasting their only on ?

  • nleksan

    I love everything but the sh*tty sound system…  Don’t bother changing the sound in such a car unless you’re putting in some Focal Utopia components and McIntosh amplifiers…  ITS A CONCEPT CAR – SPEND THE $3,000 per SPEAKER!

  • David Lim

    Total waste of time & effort… my backyard mechanic can do it better than the interns :p