VW Interiors Not Compromised Says Design Boss

VW Interiors Not Compromised Says Design Boss

Contrary to the unanimous opinions of the automotive media (read our Jetta review here), Volkswagen insists the interior quality on its new, more affordibly priced models, has not been compromised.

That, at least, is the opinion of chief designer Jae Min who says no compromises have been made. “We didn’t take anything out,” said Min, speaking at the Wards Auto Interiors Conference in Dearborn, MI. “It was a rebalancing of where things go, and there are still a lot of features available.” Instead VW credits much of the cost savings to a new, less expensive platform, with the Jetta no longer sharing its underpinnings with the Golf.

The proof says VW rep Darryll Harrison lies in the numbers, with consumers voting with their wallets. According to Harrison, despite the significantly lower starting price for the new Jetta ($16,495), the average transaction price is roughly $22,000. The same goes for the new Passat, which while listing for $19,995, sells on average between $26,000 and $27,000.

While Volkswagen did anticipate significantly higher volumes (which has happened), the increased price consumers are willing to pay at the dealerships has come as a surprise, with Min even admitting that, “Ironically the transaction price is higher than before.”

[Source: Detroit Free Press]

  • T. Roll

    At least we now have confirmation that people at Volkswagen will lie directly to your face. 

  • No compromises? Then why is it that you can’t get Automatic climate control (Climatronic) or real leather on many American models anymore? In world markets Beetle offers Climatronic! Why not here?

  • Wrewster

    Because Americans are perceived as being cheap and we don’t traditionally spend as much as other countries consumers do. I just bought a new Golf R and in other countries it sells for over $50k but here it’s $36k and some people think it’s too pricey and that’s why it is slightly decontented vs euro model. Us Americans are fast and lazy and don’t want to even shift”drive”there own car.