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 |  May 26 2012, 12:01 PM

There’s a right way to drive the famed corkscrew at Laguna Secan and there are a lot of wrong ways.

Of the varying degrees of wrong, Ferrari 458 Challenge pilot Ryan Ockey might just have set a new record in the “least correct” category, and as a result has suffered the consequences. More accurately, his Ferrari race car is the one that suffered.

After blasting into the corkscrew at a supersonic rate of speed, rather than even attempt the corner, Ockey just slides right through before hitting the gravel, flipping the shiny Ferrari into a tire wall and sending it up into the air and down on its roof. The recovery effort is just as hard to watch, too, with the car being slid down the gravel on its hood.

Watch the carnage below:

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[Source: AxisofOversteer]