Watch How a Rally Car is Built – Video

Watch How a Rally Car is Built – Video

True automotive enthusiasts might find a “How It’s Made – Rally Cars” a little comical, especially with the use of laymen terms to explain the process in building a formidable rally car.

But it’s nice to see a mainstream show on the Discovery and Science Channel spotlighting the form of motorsport, as they try to depict the hard work put into converting a standard Ford Fiesta into a 300-hp rally competitor, or as they say “a compact vehicle that has had a radical makeover.”

The video is clearly made for the general public, lightly touching on the process of stripping a car and building it to the regulations and standards for rally racing. It does do a nice job with an overview of the process, from tearing the car down, lightening the weight, to building the motor and bolting on a turbocharger. Our favorite tidbit is its focus on the graphics that make the car look “fierce.”

Watch a five minute segment from How It’s Made – Rally Cars after the break.

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