Watch Lexus SEMA Cars Get Crushed – Video

Watch Lexus SEMA Cars Get Crushed – Video

Most SEMA cars are handed out to builders from the automakers knowing that they’ll be crushed at some point in time.

Last week, we broke the story about how two of Fox Marketing’s Lexus SEMA cars were headed to the crusher, and that time has finally come. The once twin-turbo’ed Lexus IS-F and the Procharged IS C met their doom in the crusher, and Fox Marketing was on hand to capture the action.

It’s tragic to see all the hard work and time builders put into project cars only to see them being crushed. But that’s the price many pay to show off what the aftermarket can do for the automakers without having to fork over the funds to acquire the car itself.

Watch the video of the two Lexus SEMA cars getting crushed after the break.

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