Website Maps Free Air Pumps Across US and Canada

Website Maps Free Air Pumps Across US and Canada

Reading this story will pay for any driver hitting the road this summer. Thanks to a new website called, people anywhere in the U.S. and Canada have access to a user-generated list of free air locations.

While the map is far from comprehensive or complete, the idea will improve as site traffic grows and more people input data. As you can see above, the pumps listed to date are mostly clustered together.

California and Connecticut are currently the only two states that mandate free air, so Illinois State University senior Brian Peterson decided to create the site, which would work to alleviate people needing to dig through their cars for spare change just to top off their tire pressure.

“I wanted to give everyone the chance to share information and the ability to gain access, no matter where they are, to free air pumps when they need them,” Peterson said.

While he built the initial database himself, which is mostly what the site features today, its simple design and accessibility are meant to encourage user participation.

Having properly-inflated tires is essential for safe driving, especially at highway speeds. Hopefully Peterson’s website will encourage more people to observe the important safety practice.