Why You Shouldn’t Buy Patriotic License Plates

Why You Shouldn’t Buy Patriotic License Plates

Not long after 9/11, the California DMV started selling memorial license plates under the promise that the proceeds would go toward scholarships for children of the victims, or anti-terrorist initiatives, but the money isn’t making it home.

Instead, the cash-strapped California government is pilfering the plate profits which actually add up to a handsome sum. In fact, since the program’s inception, it seems some $15 million has been collected, but only 40 percent of that has gone to fight terrorism and a tiny fraction to scholarships.

So where’s the money really going? It seems $3 million went to help cauterize the state’s gaping deficit. Millions beyond that have gone to ambiguous things that are loosely tied to terrorism if at all.

What’s worse, the DMV is still advertising that the money goes to scholarships when the program those ads refer to was discontinued seven years ago. The plates aren’t cheap either. They cost an additional $50 to purchase and a $40 annual renewal fee, which is apparently being weaseled away by unscrupulous politicians.

It seems the DMV took steps to alter the plates’ description in the last few days, but the fact remains that scores of people were duped in what some would consider an an affront to the worst attack ever sufferd on U.S. soil.

[Source: CBS News]

  • CA_Refugee

    Doesn’t surprise me in the least. Simply unbelievable the gall of those politicians… 

  • This is done all the time by the CA legislature.  It’s really a case of “bait and switch”.  And only $15 million?  The “bait and switch” of patriotic license plate funds may be a good “sound bite” for the Memorial Day holiday, but if any journalist wants to dig deeper, the amount of money involved in various “bait and switch” (or “borrowing” from various State programs for other than intended purposes) manuevers by the CA legislature is a lot more….A LOT.  $15 million is nothing.  And no, don’t count on any internal auditing by the State government.