11 Future Hybrids Heading to Dealers Soon

11 Future Hybrids Heading to Dealers Soon

2013 Mercedes-Benz E400 Hybrid

Mercedes is currently offering a unique hybrid in the European marketplace. Instead of a gas-electric hybrid vehicle, the E300 Hybrid features a diesel-electric powertrain, which will allow it to go 870 miles until a refill.

In the U.S., Mercedes has a different strategy. The E400 Hybrid has a gas-electric drivetrain, which uses a direct injection V6 and an electric motor. Mercedes expects the E400 Hybrid to get 24 mpg in the city and 31 mpg on the highway.  That might not sound impressive in terms of fuel economy, but remember, this is a full-size luxury sedan here, outfitted with the latest high-tech gadgets.

Thanks to the hybrid technology, the car has enough power to make that heavy lifting easy again. In true luxury-segment attention to detail, the E400 Hybrid features no compromise to cargo space, or passenger comfort.

“Our ultimate goal is emissions-free driving and every model that we offer now takes us closer to that goal both in terms of customer acceptance and real-world experience,” Said Nicole Wiess, from Mercedes PR team. “In other words, every vehicle we have on the market now is a step toward making that vision a reality by giving us real-world experience with harnessing electric power, on-board storage etc.”

Mercedes’ says its strategy is to make its hybrid technology as versatile and modular as possible.

“With these two E-Class models we are now continuing our comprehensive hybrid offensive,” said Thomas Weber, Head of Research Development at Mercedes-Benz.  “The modular technology opens up a quick way for us to complement other model series with hybrid models”

The two E-class models really express Mercedes’ philosophy and feature the same hybrid power train, but with different internal combustion engines.

“We will continue to build on this portfolio rather than taking a one-size-fits-all approach for our environmentally oriented buyers,” said Weiss.

  • Fliche

    Hybrids really are taking over. In even just the next 5 years, there will probably be a hybrid version of absolutely everything.

  • Rb48901

    Personally, I think that all electric vehicles are the only way to go, and then only for inner city commuting. The focus on range has clouded the the true nature of the vehicle. They should not be a replacement for the normal vehicle. They should have been light weight, efficent movers, not something that will drive you across country. That has involved compromises, outrageous prices and has delayed  introduction.  As an example the Chevrolet Volt wil be sold in Australia as the Holden Volt at Aus$60,000.00 Holden also sell the Cruze at Aus$25,000.00 and the Commodore (Chevrolet SS) for $45,000 (we see the Volt for what it is, an electric Cruze!) that is a price premium of Aus$35,000, way too much for the the so-called “green” car. They should have sold it at $12,000 as a commuter and thrown away the ICE. Buy it as your second “work” or “shopping trolly” and keep the petrol (gas) car for the long drives.   

  • you are a bullshit

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  • In the near future as many as 11 new hybrid models will hit the market,
    ranging from the family sedans to high-tech futuristic supercars.

  • Ahh. This proves that hybrids are taking over the car industry by storm. It looks like every car manufacturer label is crafting at least one hybrid model to cope with the market’s demands. Well, with its cost-efficiency and perceived better mileage, it wouldn’t be surprising to see these hybrids dominate the road in the years to come.

  • Peter

    This is awesome! I so wish I had the money for a new car, but, student loans need to be paid off first. Perhaps by the time they’re paid off there will be even cooler cars out for me to consider.  I am definitely considering a hybrid because my gas bill is waaaay too high!  For now perhaps I can spruce up my old car by having some auto body painters, paint it.

  • but not for long. In the near future as many as 11 new hybrid models
    will hit the market, ranging from the family sedans to high-tech
    futuristic supercars.

  • M

    I’m really looking forward to the new Acura RL hybrid.


  • Althea Later

    I have the CT200h. I am averaging 44 mpg OVERALL. If cars like the Fusion are reliable and average at least 35 mpg… eventually gas cars that are averaging in the teens will be almost worthless.

  • Rxonmymind

    Soon I’ll buy one just not yet. Just as everyone was thrashing about attempting to make a “smart” phone back in 2007 and nobody could get it right along came Steve Jobs with the iphone. I’m hoping one like him comes along and hits a home run. The first car company that does people will beat a path to their store without having to do numbers on the back of the napkin. It’ll be that obvious. Steve, why didn’t you become an auto executive too. Rip….