2012 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Will Cost $21,950

2012 Hyundai Veloster Turbo Will Cost $21,950

Hyundai announced pricing for its Veloster Turbo hot hatch today with a starting MSRP of $21,950 with a six-speed manual before a $775 destination fee. With 201 hp, the forced-induction version makes 63 hp more than the naturally-aspirated version.

With a huge jump like that, the power rating is capable of competing with other front-drive cars both in terms of horsepower and price. Volkswagen’s Golf GTI is probably the closest car to the Veloster Turbo on the market today, but starts at $23,995.

By using a twin-scroll turbocharger, the Veloster will be able to use the power boost almost instantly as well. Even though it has almost the same power rating as the GTI, Hyundai’s car is expected to get 38 mpg on the highway compared to the VW’s 31 highway mpg.

The extra $2,000 left in your pocket after buying the Veloster Turbo could slot in nicely to better equip the car, too. Unfortunately, it looks like the turbo version will come with a higher price premium that we originally expected after talking with North American brand CEO, John Krafcik. We previously expected that the car would cost a scant $1,600 more than the base price, but now we know the MSRP sits a solid $4,500 higher than the initial price of entry.

Still, it’s cheaper than the competition, which paired with the company’s infamous fuel economy standards, means that it’s a bargain as long as you can get on board with its unusual styling. You’ll also need to tack on another grand for the six-speed automatic transmission, but we’re willing to bet that most people interested in one will probably be comfortable with a stick.

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  • 1ceTr0n

     In a way, this premium price for a fully loaded VT with auto works to my
    advantage. Some peep’s are already willing to give up on the VT now
    and go with something else. This free’s up some supply for other people
    like me. I on the other hand am willing to pay premium for a bew car
    that has a real good sexy and “futuristic” look to it with alot of new
    technology and gizmo because im a computer geek. I”m also been wanting a
    car with some more “kick” after giving up my WRX years ago. I want
    something that stands out amongst the crowd and says “I’m successful in
    my own way and I can afford this kinda car and still maintain a good
    budget in todays economy” Chicks can appreciate a nice car.

    I’m single bachelor again, make good money for my area and am debt free
    *other then my current Civic* and can sell or trade in my Civic for a
    good profit. Other then the shoddy ruining of the white color now, this
    situation just got better in my favor. What others can’t afford or not
    willing to spend on a VT now, I can profit from.

    And no, I’m not getting the manual, it sucks for city driving. Had a manny 03 WRX years ago, it sucked. Auto forever. Auto enthusiasts can bite me

  • Why are you showing the non-turbo image? Also you say the MSRP is $4500 over the non-turbo, but the turbo includes the $2000 style package built in.