2013 Chevy Volt Gets Electric Range Boost to 38 Miles

2013 Chevy Volt Gets Electric Range Boost to 38 Miles

Chevrolet has announced that the 2013 Volt is getting a boost in electric range. 

With a total of 38 miles on a single charge, that marks a three mile upgrade in range from last years Volt. The mpge of the 2013 Volt also jumps from 94 to 98 with an upgraded overall range of 380 miles.

The improved stats are thanks to engineers making minor changes to the material composition of the battery cell chemistry. “The best way to explain what we’ve done at the cell level is to compare it to a cake batter recipe.  Sometimes if you use more sugar and less vanilla you get a better tasting cake. We’ve done some work at the cell level to modify the ‘ingredients’ to make a better end result,” said Bill Wallace, GM director of global battery systems engineering.

While all of this may seem impressive, Chevy also says that the charging time has also increased slightly; 12.5 hours on a 120V plug, and 4.25 hours with a 240V charging unit. While the new numbers are more impressive, the added time will no doubt be a serious consideration for prospective Volt owners.

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  • Jonesy

    More charging time= More available EV power. Seems Redundant. 

  • Rocky

    I don’t know, …a three mile upgrade in range is supposed to be “impressive”.  Am I missing something?  I’ll be impressed at 10.

  • Ziv Bnd

    Nearly 10% more AER! Very cool! Now lower the MSRP to $36,900! 😉

  • Anncorn

    I read an article about an increase in charging stations in the Atlanta area and thought that an abundance of recharge stations could influence me to buy an all electric car. After doing more research
    on the Volt I have decided that the charging time of a 4.5 – 12 hours id just not practical . I will keep my hybrid for now. 

  • Gary Westfall

    GM’s site says 16 hours at 8 amps and 10 hours at 12 amps using 120 V.  Using 240 V, it’s 4 hours.  Of course this all is based on completely depleting the battery before charging it.  If you only drive 19 battery-powered miles, then the time is cut in half.