2013 Honda Accord Spy Photo Doesn’t Hide Much

2013 Honda Accord Spy Photo Doesn’t Hide Much

With competition growing steeper in an already cut throat segment, Honda is bringing an all-new Accord sedan out for 2013 to remain relevant in an area where many of its competitors already offer revised vehicles.

While we’re expecting the incoming model to look a lot like the 2012, we haven’t seen much of the new car at all. Spy photos have been surprisingly scarce which is why this almost undressed version of the new model being caught on the streets is almost a little surprising.

Snagged on a cell phone by someone in traffic, we only get a glimpse of the tail end, but this is the closest photo we’ve seen to the actual production car. In it, you can see that the 2013 model will have a new rear that looks almost like a BMW 3 Series. Larger tail lights and a trunk that almost looks like it has a thick layer on top, reminiscent of the controversial Chris Bangle styled Bimmers.

We also recently learned that there will be a sport package for next year, probably to compete with the Camry SE, though details on any actual upgrades are still in the dark.

[Source: Temple of VTEC]

  • Keith H

    Looks a lot like the RLX Concept from Acura. Let’s just hope Honda paid attention to the issues with the new Civic and that this car gets a MUCH better interior.

  • Smokedsalmon67

    This is RLX not accord

  • Built_real_nice

    that is an acura rlx its sad when the viewers have to correct the website smh

  • BigNoseDog

    Did you even bother checking your source before posting this? Temple of VTEC says its the Acura RLX. So why are you calling it the Accord?

  • Stephen Elmer

    Take a look at the blacked out badge on the back. It is very square. It is clearly a Honda emblem and not an Acura. Temple of VTEC says that they are not sure which one it is. 

  • BigNoseDog

    Look at the forum at Temple of Vtec for that article. One poster does a detailed comparison between this spy pic, previous Accord spy pics, and Acura spy pics. The shape of the rear bumper rules out it being the Accord.

  • Howie J.

    Temple of VTEC is wrong and so is the writer. This is the new Ford Fusion… you guys are idiots.

  • Danotino

    This is probably Acura, the shape of side mirrors, front fenders and the placement of  door handles ( under the sideline) is very different from other  Accord’s spy pics.

  • Anonymous

    You’re the idiot … it’s an RLX

  • yeah, stupid. This is the RLX.

    the Accord door handles sit ON the character line. Here, on the RLX, the door handles sit below the character line.

    You guys have suck-eye.

  • haha. Looks like you need to get your eyes checked.

  • Akotr3mor

    that’s because the requirement to write for Autoguide.com is be semi-retarded, but physically capable of typing

  • Swarren

    thats a new Acura RLX.  Saw pre-launch pics at Acura launch in Vegas.

  • HenryR

    That “Honda Accord” is actually a Honda RLX.  It’s so obvious, do your homework reporters!

  • if its an rlx this is the best looking acura i have ever seen way to go honda 🙂

  • Helen James

    Is Honda offering a 4 cylinder Accord hybrid in 2013?

  • Almprin06

    The 2008-2012 series Accord is also reminiscent of BMW design language, which is why I was always surprised to  read criticism of it. This time, it looks like Honda has gotten even more bold in their ‘styling tribute’ to the German BMW.

    Attractive styling, Japanese quality, good mpg, and the superior traction of front-wheel-drive, all for a reasonable price. Nice.