2013 Hyundai Equus Base Model Exceeds $60,000

2013 Hyundai Equus Base Model Exceeds $60,000

Hyundai’s more-for-less policy has generally been a hit with consumers, especially since it recently introduced the new “fluidic design language,” but the flagship Equus sedan slotted to compete with cars like the BMW 7 Series hasn’t seen the same success.

Even still, the upward price sweep that has categorized Hyundai cars for the 2013 model year is seeping, though barely, into the Equus. With a $250 price increase on the base model, it creeps to $60,150 while its higher-end “Ultimate” edition will carry a $67,150 starting price. For that price tag, the 2013 Ultimate comes with 50/50 split rear reclining seats, a refrigerator, cooled rear seats and more.

With standard features far too long to list here, Hyundai follows its typically competitive pattern of offering a lot for a little with 429 hp from its 5.0-liter V8, 114 more than the entry-level BMW 740i and a pricetag roughly $10,000 lower.

“The Equus is very well equipped and only comes with one additional trim, the Ultimate edition,” Hyundai public relations manager Derek Joyce said. “There are no options available because it’s so well equipped.” He also mentioned that cars competing with the Equus often cost as much as $25,000 more once similarly equipped.

Still, the high end luxury market seems to be the brand’s own Achilles’ heels, with the stigma of driving a “discount” brand quietly ushering people toward more expensive German and Japanese companies. It’s hard to imagine that a price hike, however modest, will help the car move more units, but with even more luxury than previous years there’s still a chance.

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