2013 Hyundai Veloster Now 40-MPG for Automatic Transmission

2013 Hyundai Veloster Now 40-MPG for Automatic Transmission

Changes made to the 2013 Hyundai Veloster will improve fuel economy on the dual-clutch automatic transmission, resulting in all models getting the impressive 40 mpg rating.

When introduced for 2012, Veloster 6-speed manual transmission models were capable of 40 mpg highway, though versions equipped with the 6-speed dual-clutch automaker were slightly less impressive at 38 mpg. Adjustments made since the car’s launch have allowed for a 2 mpg improvement.

Those adjustments are a detuning of the engine with DCT-equipped models now 6 hp and 3 lb-ft of torque reduced compared to the 2012 model year car.

Making the Veloster 40 mpg regardless of the transmission choice, means it joins the Accent and Elantra with a 40 mpg highway rating regardless of the trim or transmission choice.

  • The cheated.  They had to detune the engine to bring the MPG into parity.  Who would purposely buy a model that has LESS horse power and torque, when the manual gives you better MPG at a higher HP and Torque?  Are modern buyers that stupid?

  • veloster owner 2012

    I call BS on everything they advertise with this car…I own it and have yet to see 38 MPG on the highway…ECO mode sucks more fuel, the DCT runs so slow putting it into gear that you just spin the clutch on a downshift and hitting the gas in normal city traffic. The sound system blows…I had a Tiburon that was 10 years old and makes this thing look like a toy…

  • Steptoit2

    They increased the torque by 9 feet. I spoke with Hyundai and have it in writing

  • Jlfx99

    I call BS on u . U either don’t own a veloster or urs is a lemmon . Mine gets 42+- on TN Hwys and 30-32 in town stop and go… with eco mode never ran it without it . Only time it seems hesitant to respond is when u leave the light without using the gas petal it engages slowly but I’m used to it now .

  • 700hp SRT-6 Cummins

    Not sure what speed they claim the mpg at but I’ve got a 2013 turbo w/auto and I can get 46 but that’s with cruise on 52mph… Texas highways at 75mph I get 29-32mpg… Great car in my opinion though, way cheaper the commuting in the 3/4 ton lol besides you don’t really buy these cars for muscle but for being practical and economical… 100k bumper to bumper is nice to!