2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Cut Short for Diesel in 2014

2013 Jeep Grand Cherokee Cut Short for Diesel in 2014

Anyone thinking about buying a new Jeep Grand Cherokee would be wise to wait until next January when the truck will pick up an eight-speed transmission.

Even customers who end up buying the current version with its five-speed transmission will probably save money once the more efficient version is available, though there will be fewer of the current models made during the 2013 model year than in 2012. That’s due in large part to the automaker’s plan to finally offer North Americans the same 3.0-liter diesel engine as it does in Europe.

When that happens you can expect the new truck’s mileage to trounce EPA estimates for the current gas burner. Even the diesel paired with a five-speed transmission it claims 23 mpg in the city and 33 on the highway. Hook that in with a longer list of gear ratios and the numbers are sure to improve even further over its current 16/23 figure.

With 241 hp and 406 lb-ft of torque, drivers will be sacrificing some horsepower over the current 3.6-liter V6 with 290. It’s hard to imagine that will really be a big deal, though, given how much torque the oil burner offers and the promised increases in fuel mileage. We would expect that increase to be 50 percent or better on the highway, which would negate the price difference between the two fuel types.

[Source: Automotive News]

  • Dave_jelley3

    Interesting read! Thanks! I am in the market to purchase soon. Do you think the shape will change in 2013/2014 models?

  • Fuller

    Yes the 2014 is getting a mild face lift in the front facia

  • Ric

    If the new diesel’s mpg is in the 30s, I’m a buyer.  Jeep is the one to beat, a new standard in excellence and engineering.  What a great machine.

  • Torobics

    No the model shape shouldn’t change since the truck was introduced only last year.  You should be good for a few more years!!  

  • DieselDan

    If the mileage estimates are roughly correct, I’ll be standing in line for one. Diesel is the only intelligent way to go. I’m not racing, I’m pulling and counting the mileage. When do you expect diesel sales to begin? 

  • Jose

    That is one beautiful vehicle and, with that mileage, is just like being married to Sofia Vergara 😀

  • Jc29

    Even if you are racing, you are better with the oil burner. In australia, the oil burner is quicker to 100kph than the 5.7 v8….

  • Rob6195

    Thank FIAT and the Italians!

  • Markhawkins

    Do you know when the 8 speed will be available in Australia. Was thinking of buying mine in Jan 2013 ?

  • Treesmacker!

    I’m actually test driving a jeep cherokee tomorrow.  I would love a more fuel efficient diesel.  I’ll wait a while and see what comes out.  Besides, my 303,000, 1993 cherokee really doesn’t seem ready to retire yet!

    Thanks for your article.