2013 NASCAR Ford Fusion Styling Tweaked… Again

2013 NASCAR Ford Fusion Styling Tweaked… Again

Earlier this year, Ford unveiled its 2013 NASCAR Fusion race car that looked very much like its production counterpart.

But Ford’s Design Center wasn’t satisfied with how the NASCAR Fusion looked, and went back to update its styling for even more brand identity. Ford Racing will be using the upcoming race this weekend in Michigan to show off the newly updated Fusion that features new grille work and hood lines.

“Both the race and production Fusions speak the same design language,” said Garen Nicoghosian, Ford design manager in charge of the NASCAR project. “There is a visual premiumness that is apparent in both the race car as well as the production Fusion design. Both cars appear fun to drive, and are the most emotionally desirable in their segments.”

Out went the stickered front grille and in went actual grille bars, which highlight just some of the enhancements made to the front end of the NASCAR Fusion. A more aggressive front end was sculpted and more details were added to the fog light housings, along with a more detailed headlight area. The hood was also redone, not only to look closer to the production model but to also be more aggressive than the first iteration.

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