2015 Chevrolet Equinox to Shrink in Size, Squeeze out Trax from US Market

2015 Chevrolet Equinox to Shrink in Size, Squeeze out Trax from US Market

Chevrolet‘s all-new Trax SUV is going to be sold in 140 other global markets this year, but it’s for certain now that we won’t be seeing it on American soil.

The Trax is based on the Buick Encore, but according to our colleagues at GMInsideNews, the American automaker believes the next-generation Equinox will be more than enough for the U.S. market. It’s believed that the next Equinox will be smaller in size and will also replace the Captiva when it comes to market, based on GM‘s Delta architecture. The switch in architecture will also allow GM to easily manufacture the Equinox in other continents.

Even though GM has no immediate plans to bring the Trax to America due to the Equinox’s similarities, the model is federalized to sell in the U.S. if the automaker decides to change its mind. But for now, the Trax is more fitting for other global markets, where the crossover segment is more fragmented. We should expect to see the next-generation Equinox in 2015.

  •  I want a Trax, please (otherwise, it’ll be a Jeep GC)!

  • Sunny

    Leave the size as it is for the Equinox/Terrain… No other car has the leg room and comfort of the rear seat. Because of our car several of our friends and family have bought also. Love my Equinox!!!!!

  • Railfan

    Please update the front end grill area. The smaller size of the vehicle will do just fine.

  • Joy

    It definately needs a makeover. New grill, led rear lights. New colors. This front end looks like the HHR & the rest looks like a Pontiac Vibe. I own a Saturn Vue which is just the right size. The Buick Encore is too small. Current Equinox is the right size. Just change the styling.

  • Gary

    Add the side turn signals to the mirrors along with LED lighting. No reason not to have these safety features.

  • Jan

    I have a equinox, and if they make it smaller, I’ll never get another one. I’ll only buy another equinox if they went bigger.

  • dman001948

    I have a 2011 LTZ and if they get smaller like the Buick did, I won’t buy it…The present one if just fine in size.

  • leesw337

    Did you people look at this equinox good. It is a cosmetically tuned chevy trax. Look at the mini window on the drivers door,the hump on the rear tire going to the tail lamps. The headlights are most probably the same also. Its no wonder why the Trax is not coming to the US it will be here as the Equinox

  • leesw337

    Also it is time for a refresh (Equinox) , this company will not even change anything majorly cosmetically to keep people interested in its vehicles, how sad , because they are good vehicles. They let the Impala go so long without a re-fresh that the Amish could have sold out on horse and buggies before they sold anymore cars, they ended up making them fleet vehicles. The chevy Colorado, for instance, if they would have made the front end look like the 2006 Silverado, by flipping the headlights on top and blinkers on bottom, no lets keep the 1987 Chrysler New Yorker look. I believe without a doubt they would have sold more vehicles.