Automatic In-Car Breathalyzer Under Development

Automatic In-Car Breathalyzer Under Development

Everyone should take note of this: Swedish company Autoliv is developing an in-car breathalyzer that works automatically to keep drivers from taking intoxicated trips.

“It should be seamless. You should not notice the car has an alcohol detection device in it,” said Autoliv CEO Jan Carlson to Automotive News of the new device.

It’s still at least five years away from consumer availability, though such a system would seem like a surefire success once available. Unfortunately, it isn’t even clear whether the device will be affordable or not.

If it proves to be, Carlson expects a quick uptake in areas where current drunk driving prevention technology isn’t as common.

“If you look at the numbers, 30 percent of all fatalities are coming from driving under the influence. When you talk to parents with teenage daughters and sons they would love to have this device in the vehicle,” he said.

Even beyond concerned parents, there are other imaginable scenarios. For example, it wouldn’t be hard to see insurance agencies offering discounts to drivers who install Autoliv’s system. Assuming the cost isn’t prohibitive, a device like that could also protect drivers from being wrongfully accused after having wine with dinner or just a couple drinks.

[Source: Automotive News]