Summertime Holds the 100 Deadliest Driving Days for Teens – Video

Summertime Holds the 100 Deadliest Driving Days for Teens – Video

School’s almost out and summer is right around the corner. We know you can hardly wait, but did you know that the period between Memorial Day and Labor Day is considered the 100 deadliest days for teen drivers?

“Teens are spending much more time in the car during June, July and August – since they’re out of school and traveling with friends more often,” said Shannon Lara, senior manager, marketing communications for Honeywell Friction Materials. “Sadly – on July 4 alone – an average of 28 teenagers die in motor vehicle crashes.”

To help raise awareness, Bendix Brakes for Teen Safety has just released a new video that highlights the risky behaviors that make the summer such a deadly driving season. The three key risk factors are:

1. Teens are more likely to speed and tailgate. These drivers don’t react as quickly as a more experienced driver. As well, they tend to drive cars that are at least 10 years or older, which means its braking system could be worn, if it hasn’t been properly maintained. Put all of these factors together, and you’ve got a potentially dangerous situation in the making.

2. Teens are less likely to wear their seatbelts. They know the dangers, but young drivers may not be buckling up.

3. Teens admit to doing multiple tasks while driving. This is the biggest factor for teen car accidents. Distractions can come in the form of both mobile devices and other passengers.

If you’ve got a teen driver in your family, get them to watch the Bendix Brakes for Teen Safety video after the jump. Not only is it educational (you don’t have to tell them that), Bendix puts an entertaining spin on a valuable lesson.

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