BMW M5 Recreates Slow-Motion Bullet in Video

BMW M5 Recreates Slow-Motion Bullet in Video

The latest video released from BMW looks to recreate super slow-motion bullet footage, but rather than a bullet, the German company uses its M5 sedan.   

Shown barreling over the salt flats at high speed, the M5 is met by a series of obstacles, which it gracefully crashes through. Watching it happen in slow motion makes the video all the more artistic, and it doesn’t hurt that the car looks good. Interspersed with quick-cut high speed shots helps the video stay exciting, and makes it easier to equate to a speeding bullet.

Watch the BMW M5 make like a bullet in the video below.

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  • ZackT464

    The BMW M5 might as well be a bullet, it’s an absolute speed monster. 0-60 mph in 3.7 seconds is insanely fast!!