Bob Lutz Endorses Romney, Chevy Volt Sheds a Tear

Bob Lutz Endorses Romney, Chevy Volt Sheds a Tear

Former GM vice chairman and outspoken Chevrolet Volt advocate Bob Lutz is endorsing Mitt Romney despite his condemnation of the auto industry bailouts.

Lutz declared his support during a  Wednesday appearance on CNBC’s The Kudlow Report. Given his republican background it wouldn’t come as a surprise that the former marine would take that path were it not for his steadfast support for GM’s controversial first venture into electric vehicles.

Often referred to as the “Obamacar” in bloodthirsty right-wing powwows, it didn’t take long for Fox News and others of its ilk to leap on the Volt like pirañas stripping a cow. Romney wasn’t above making a few remarks in that direction while it was fashionable, nor was he subtle about his opinion of the auto industry bailout.

In 2008 he published an op-ed piece in the New York Times called “Let Detroit Go Bankrupt,” something Lutz seems to be looking past for now. That wasn’t the case at the time, though. At that point, the GM exec blasted Romney for suggesting the car companies didn’t explore other options.

The impending reality of a two-term Obama government is pressing forward, and as November creeps ever closer the two have set their squabbles aside. Romney has pledged to dispatch the U.S. Treasury’s stake in GM quickly if elected and Lutz is making it clear that all is forgiven for the chance to oust Obama.

  • Excuse me?  What is this political crap doing on a car new site?  Luke, you should be fired.  How dare you and the editor that approved this “news” pollute what is a wonderful site about automotive information with your political leanings — leanings that we did not ask or want to know.

    Pure drivel.  “blood-thirsty”?  Yeah, that is some quality writing there, quality yellow journalism, that is. Congrats, Luke, you read just like the extremists on the conservative side of politics.

  • Carl

    Thank you Bob! Obama has been a catastrophic threat to the America auto industry. Under him all traditional long fullsize American sedans are gone replaced by midsize cars the EPA now rates as large. GM couldn’t release the Chevrolet Caprice when Bob wanted to, because of rediculous looming CAFE standards. If you want big American car they tell you to buy a SUV I don’t want one I want a big car! Obamas only helped economy cars and crapped on the rest, the government needs to but out and quit telling me what to drive!

  • Raul

    Chad’s right, this is a wonderful site.

  • Mrwsm

    Are you sure that Lutz has not changed his position since the CNBC airing? I saw Lutz on CNBC, it was quite a while back. Later he withdrew his support for Romney after finding out how nasty Romney comments were towards Detroit and the auto companies.
    So I think this is old outdated news that changed.