Bombardier Launches Primove Wireless Charging

Bombardier Launches Primove Wireless Charging

With electric vehicles being the latest hot-topic in the auto industry, Bombardier has revealed its Primove wireless charging system, which it is using in Braunschweig, Germany.

The Primove system uses an inductive power charging system which detects when an applicable electric vehicle is parked on it and turns on. It can be used while a vehicle is in motion and can be applied to light-rail, buses and cars as well.

Braunschweig will be installing the technology on two of its bus lines, each running a roughly 7.5-mile route. Adding the wireless technology will integrate the electric buses into the landscape without the need for a massive infrastructure undertaking, or the addition of more visual clutter to the city.

“As a global leader in rail technology, we have a bright vision for the cities of tomorrow. We imagine cities where all vehicles are electric – where mass transit vehicles do not alter the landscape but seamlessly integrate to provide quiet and emission-free urban mobility,” said André Navarri, President and Chief Operating Officer, Bombardier Transportation.

Surely the world will be watching, and if the application of this system is successful it would be the next logical step to introducing electric mass transit everywhere.

Watch the video below that explain the Primove system.

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