Cadillac LTS Trademarked, Rumored as New Flagship

Cadillac LTS Trademarked, Rumored as New Flagship

Cadillac‘s sedan lineup currently consists of the ATS, CTS, and XTS models, but an LTS could be joining the family soon.

It has been revealed that General Motors filed a trademark for the LTS name this month with the U.S. Patent and Trademark Office. While some automakers such as BMW often trademark multiple names to protect itself, Cadillac and General Motors tend to use what they trademark either in production or concept form.

The likelihood here is that the LTS will be the brand’s new flagship sedan, based on the Omega platform, and sitting above the recently released XTS – read our review here.

[Source: Car and Driver]

  • Carl

    They should call it FTS Fleetwood Touring Sedan. Back in the 30’s when they were truly the “Standard of the World” the Cadillac flagship was the Fleetwood. The name graced Cadillac flagships till 1996 when it was dropped so GM could build more SUV’s. A marketing trend I wish never happened. Since they now insist on acronyms it should be FTS.
    I speak for all cars!

  • Wayne

    I really liked the 3 letters for futuristic Cadillac as long as they have meaning which it stand for just like Fleetwood(FTS) DeVille Touring Sedan(DTS) Seville Touring Sedan(STS) Eldorado touring coupe shorten to ETC but Cadillac & GM made an mess out of the CTS by attaching long cucumbersome naming to 3 letters like CTS Sport Sedan  CTS Sport Coupe,CTS Sport Wagon as to what does CTS really stand for ??? Catera Touring Sedan Sport Sedan or Catera Touring  Sedan Sport Coupe,Catera Touring Sedan Sport Wagon made it so complicated. The CTS coupe just be shorten to CTC the CTS wagon to CTW…I am sure the new ATS would stand for Alpha Touring Sedan but then cadillac/gm will repeat the confusion like it did with the long attached cucumbersome name on the CTS.  The wiki just explained what DTS,STS,ETC all stand for so why ruined it with long cucumbersome naming on the CTS,upcoming ATS. What does XTS stand for…Crossover Touring Sedan???  There is talk of an ZTS future model stand for Zeta Touring Sedan sound so futuristic as long as it kept short ZTS, ETC,DTS,STS,!!!
    Mercedes Benz got it right with the CLS and CLC for sedan and coupe. So come on Cadillac kept the 3 letters name shorter and simple.

  • Cool Cadillac Cat

    LTS may equate to, in their minds, Luxury Touring Sedan.

    I own a RWD STS, Northstar…I’m not looking to change, but if the right ’95 Fleetwood appeared…yeah, resistance may be futile.