Cadillac Racing Looking to Expand Globally

Cadillac Racing Looking to Expand Globally

This weekend, you can catch Cadillac Racing at the Pirelli World Challenge races at Detroit Belle Isle, and you can watch all the action online.

Cadillac took a brief hiatus from racing when General Motors filed bankruptcy in 2009, having to put all of its motorsport activities on hold while the automaker recovered. It rejoined the racing ranks with the SCCA Pro Racing World Challenge and is currently competing in its second season. But Cadillac Racing is already looking towards the future, hoping to expand its racing ventures worldwide.

“We’d like to be able to race in China, we’d like to be able to race in Eastern Europe, and there are a number of series that allow you to do that,” said James Vurpillat, global marketing manager for Cadillac.

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Racing is very valuable for an automaker such as Cadillac, where stereotypes normally place it in the category of boring, slow, luxury machines. But obviously its V-line of models are hardly boring or slow. And at motorsport events, it’s the perfect setting for the automaker to allow enthusiasts to look at its machines up close and personal, while speaking to representatives about how today’s Cadillac isn’t the same as your parents’ Cadillac.

But for now, Cadillac is looking at other venues for racing, ideally, series similar to the World Challenge where fans can directly relate Cadillac’s performance on the track as performance on the road. It helps that World Challenge requires its race vehicles to closely resemble their factory counterparts, making it more believable that a Cadillac off the dealer lot can perform just as well as the one on the track.

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