Car Repair Costs per State Highest in Wyoming: Study

Car Repair Costs per State Highest in Wyoming: Study

Depending on where you live, the price for car repairs and maintenance will vary according to information in a new study.

After analyzing more than 160,000 repairs made to vehicles with “check engine” lights illuminated, the study found that on average drivers in Wyoming pay almost $390 per repair- 17 percent more than the national average. On the opposite end, drivers from Indiana paid the least with a $284 average repair price.  Wyoming’s inflated rates are attributed to higher elevation and the low population meaning relatively poor access to repair shops and parts.

“We are encouraged to see overall repair costs trending down this year, but recognize that drivers are still putting off small repairs such as spark plugs and oxygen sensors that can quickly turn into more serious problems,” CarMD vice president  Art Jacobsen said. “With the higher cost for repairs in popular western vacation destinations, our data illustrates the need for summer travelers to make preventative maintenance and vehicle safety checks paramount in their road-trip preparation.”

That preparation is actually less expensive than it would have been in 2010. The data also shows that repair costs have decreased over the course of the year, mostly because of lower labor prices.


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