Carroll Shelby’s Family Still Fighting over Body

Carroll Shelby’s Family Still Fighting over Body

Controversy continues to swirl around the late Carroll Shelby as his children and widow bicker over what to do with the body.

Most enthusiasts would probably prefer to remember Shebly for the brawny cars he produced during his lifelong automotive career, but that’s not the case for this three children and last of seven wives. Instead, they are embroiled in a battle currently pending before a Dallas County court over who will take control of his remains; Cleo, his wife, claims she was given power of attorney two years ago.

“My husband informed Michael Shelby that he was going to appoint me as his primary health care agent,” she said in the court filing. “When he did so he said he was designating me because I was always with him, Michael Shelby lived in Texas, and that I had ‘saved his life’ on several previous occasions.”

On the other hand, his children say they have a signed document dictating that his body be cremated and the ashes distributed between them and a burial plot in West Texas.

Cleo is claiming that the signature on the document stipulating cremation is a forgery.

“There’s just a lack of closure in a situation where he did have a nice, long life,” Patrick Shelby, one of Carroll’s sons, told the Associated Press. “He’s got relatives down in East Texas, and we’re just not able to get this chapter closed. And I’m not really sure what the reasoning is.”