Chevrolet Cruze Recall Includes Two Major Issues

Chevrolet Cruze Recall Includes Two Major Issues

After issuing a recall for every Cruze that has been produced, it turns out that there are two problems plaguing the Chevrolet-built car, not just the one we originally reported.

The first, and larger of the two issues, is a problem with fluids hitting the engine heat shield, which gets extremely hot, potentially causing an engine fire. Engine oil is the first liquid that may hit the shield, a problem stemming from the engine bay configuration that increases a fire’s likelihood after an improperly-performed oil change. The company also reports that manual transmission equipped Cruzes are prone to transmission fluid leaks after the clutch receives sufficient wear. This hot transmission fluid has also been hitting the heat shield which can cause a blaze.

The other major issue affects a confirmed 249 of the vehicles out of a possible 53,239 units. Welds on secondary gas tank brackets have been omitted, allowing the gas tank to come loose in collisions, increasing the risk of fire.

Chevy dealers will be assessing the cars as they are brought in to determine which of the repairs are necessary on a per-vehicle basis. Expect to wait about 30 minutes for the heat shield fix and up to three hours if your Cruze needs new welds. For more info, you can contact the NHTSA safety hotline at 1-888-327-4236.

  • Mgtslh

    When the problem of the Cruze recall is being fixed, it it necessary to have an oil change at the same time since it has to do with the oil ?

  • Peonu

    somethings don’t change, switched to kia….no problems…

  • Stacey5107

    I had the recall preformed on my cruze, the recall entails cutting the entire engine shield off leaving the underside of the car exposed.   well this has been a great fix due to the fact that i now have to replace the oil pan.  “road debris” as i was told hit the oil pan and compromised the seal.   the tech who serviced the car said that if the shield was still in place it would not have happened.  After a $523- repair expence  i am angry and bitter towards chevy.

  • Lindseykirkpatrick

    Stacey 5107 If you are having problems with your Chevy Cruze AND live in California please contact KBKLegal at 1-800-273-4566. 

  • Cruzer

    In May of 2013, our 2012 Chevy Cruze air conditioner stopped
    flowing cold air and would blow only hot air. After being diagnosed by dealer
    GM mechanic it was found that the condenser had been hit by foreign material
    (rock) creating a hole in the condenser and letting all of the Freon out. It cost
    about $600-700 to fix.

    On my own I found that there were numerous other reports of condensers
    being damaged by rocks, and that through a GM Technical Service Bulletin (TSB
    PI0461B) issued in the summer of 2012 the proper repair for this was replacing
    the condenser and installing a condenser protective screen. Since the TSB includes adding a protective
    screen as a design modification it is apparent that GM/Chevy acknowledges that
    there is a design defect in the Cruze, and that the placement of the condenser makes
    it susceptible to damage from rocks. This was the point that I attempted to
    argue with GM with no avail, that since this defect was identified prior to my
    purchase of the car, they should be responsible.

    Although, I was unsuccessful in getting GM to take responsibility
    for their product, I hope to help anyone that is thinking about buying a Cruze
    or has a Cruze still under warranty. For
    those of you with Cruzes still under factory warranty and have a damaged condenser
    make sure they install the condenser screen. For prospective buyers I would
    advise you to insist that your Cruze have the condenser screen installed prior
    to purchase.

  • Roy

    My 2011 Cruze just had to have the water pump replaced at 45,000 KM which was done
    under warranty. The original tires had to be replaced at 29,000 KM The 2011 has had many
    recalls on various parts

  • EMcMahon

    Just wanted to let you know that more and more it seems like General Motors is running into more problems with the Chevrolet Cruze. For instance, I am constantly having problems with the car since I bought it
    in 2012 (brakes, electronics, acceleration, transmission, rpms running higher than
    they should, and so on and so forth) but with no resolution in sight. In fact, in the last two weeks I have had two independent diagnostics run on the car and they have come back with codes in the computer (both times). Purposely not taking the codes or reports to the dealer, I have requested the car be looked over by the dealer for repairs – and every time that I have tried to repair the vehicle the dealers have claimed that the car is fine because they cannot find anything! Honestly all I can say is that I definitely recommend that no one should buy a Chevrolet Cruze ever ! And of course any other General Motors product!

  • Sam

    I have 2010 cruze and i want to know recall of chevy cruze is applicable in india also ?? for what reason ?? let me know in brief.

  • petergh

    i am planning of buying chevy cruze ltz model…pls advise me

  • colin

    I have a 2012 with bout 28k on it, no probs since now, went to get my oil changed at a non Chevy place, he tells me I have a leak. That leak is the tranny. So go to Chevy dealer for 10am. Car doesn’t get serviced till 12:30. 1pm comes he says we don’t have the part. Wtf you couldn’t of checked.. car is still under warranty