Cummins to Display 4,000 Horsepower Engine at Goodwood

Cummins to Display 4,000 Horsepower Engine at Goodwood

The existing Cummins ISBe engine can be found in heavy vehicles such as city buses, but the newest motor from the engine firm is going to be in a whole other class, producing the same power as the ISBe in just one of its sixteen cylinders.

Badged the QSK95 and nicknamed ‘the hedgehog,’ the engine is a 16 cylinder, 95 litre giant that delivers over 4,000 hp with more than 16,000 Nm of torque. Compact and efficient are not words typically associated with such a motor, but Cummins claims that compared to it’s medium sized engines of the past, the hedgehog is exactly that.

“It moves Cummins into new areas of the engine business at 4000hp, and will grow even further to 5,000 hp and 120 litres in the future with 4 additional cylinders,” said Steve Nendick, Cummins marketing communications director for Europe. “Visitors will be truly astounded by its size allied with its environmental credentials.  The equipment it is intended to power will be amazing too, such as mining haul trucks with a capacity of over 400 tonnes or some of the world’s largest rail locomotives.”

To try and break down the power down into a more tangible number, Cummin says that the hedgehog is equivalent to 16 city buses, or 50 formula racing cars.

The engine will be on display at the upcoming Goodwood festival of speed.