Dodge Dart Dealer Allocation Depends on Caliber Sales

Dodge Dart Dealer Allocation Depends on Caliber Sales

People who like the Dodge Dart but haven’t noticed their neighbors driving the Caliber might have to migrate a little to find a dealer with the new compact in stock.

Set to start arriving in showrooms late next month, the car will be Dodge’s stab at selling a smallcar marketed at younger drivers. With its technology integration, fuel efficient drivetrain and available 1.4-liter four-cylinder engine with a range-topping 184 lb-ft of torque, the Dart could be a winner as long as you can get one.

The allocation of the Dart will be decided upon based off of how many Calibers were sold at any given dealer.

Sort of like a nightclub keeping a line despite an empty dance floor, it seems like brand boss Sergio Marchionne understands that a come-one, come-all policy isn’t always the best choice. Still it’s hard not to wonder if placing even mild restrictions on dealer delivery will be wise for a car the brand hopes to make its volume seller.

Viper deliveries are also being based on past sales of the previous model. Since there hasn’t really been a past Dart (at least not one directly comparable to what we have now), the same measurement is impossible. Unfortunately for some, it might not seem like quite as fair a comparison to use the Caliber, which has seen suffering sales since 2009 when the numbers dipped from 48,060 units to 36,098 and failed to recover. Then again, a sales percentage comparison between dealers would likely yield similar results regardless of overall sales.

In either case, look for the Dart in late June with the choice of a 2.0- 1.4- and 2.4-liter four cylinder with details available in our review.