Drowned Subaru Legacy Starts on First Try

Drowned Subaru Legacy Starts on First Try

After spending three months drowning underwater in a lake, this 1996 Subaru Legacy was fished out and started on its first try after flushing out its system and pouring in some fresh fuel.

The story is, the owner of the Subaru was out fishing on a lake that was frozen over. Despite his claims that the ice was strong enough to support the vehicle, it broke and the Legacy sunk to the bottom of the shallow lake – about 13 feet. When the car was pulled out, it made its way to a shop where the oil and water was drained from the engine after the removal of a live fish between the bumper and the bottom tray. After replacing the plugs, adding fresh quarts of oil, and throwing in some new gas, the Legacy fired up without a hitch.

Amazingly, they’ve driven about 12 miles on it and tested all the electronics and everything seems to be in proper, functioning order. The wipers and headlights all seem to function, but the car is down on power since there is probably some water left in the fuel tank.

[Source: Hooniverse]


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