Ferrari 599XX Evo Sells at Charity Auction with €1.3 Million Reserve

Ferrari 599XX Evo Sells at Charity Auction with €1.3 Million Reserve

Ferrari announced a charity auction last week after the earthquakes that rocked Italy starting May 20 affected families, compromised homes and even shut down the automaker’s production.

Most notable in the auction, Ferrari will be offering one of its hottest cars: the 599XX Evo. With a market value of €1.3 million, the brand hopes to send money raised during the auction to help families affected by the quakes. But that €1.3 million isn’t enough, according to a press release, the auction actually set a €1.35 million reserve on the car.

The car will be specifically built for this occasion and will feature a performance package with dedicated track-based research and development meant for the 2012-2013 racing season.

Other than the principal offer, Ferrari is offering a range of items including the 2008 V8 engine form the Scuderia that won the 16th Constructors’ World Championship with a €50,000 reserve. If spending more at an auction than more people make in a year isn’t feasible, this might not be your event, but there are some lower-cost options. Selections from the Ferrari store like watches will also be available. The auction started this morning, but you can still head over to have a look.


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