Find Local Automotive Events with ShowFinder App

Find Local Automotive Events with ShowFinder App

Looking to get your automotive fix but can’t find where to go? The new ShowFinder app can help solve your dilemma, providing access to over 25,000 automotive events throughout the United States and Canada.

The new app that’s now available for the Apple iPhone or any Google Android-powered device can be downloaded for free and claims to have the world’s largest collection of data for automotive-related events. From local car shows to cruise ins, auctions to swap meets, ShowFinder has it all no matter where you are.

The user-friendly app allows you to either select whatever state you’re in to locate events, or can use your device’s GPS to find what’s happening close by to you. If you spot something that’s down the road, don’t worry, the app will allow you to add events to a favorite list and also save them to a local calendar. Want to share the event with a friend? One gesture will send it on over to Facebook, Twitter, Email, or SMS.

  • Car Chick

    Fantasitc App and easy to use.  This will be BIG among the “MotorHeads”!