Fisker Karmas Recalled for Battery Coolant Leak

Fisker Karmas Recalled for Battery Coolant Leak

Fisker will recall a selection of its Karma exotic EVs because of a possible battery coolant leak, just one of many problems plaguing the automaker in its short history.

For better or worse, the company managed to palm most of the blame for its sub-par cars off on A123, the company that supplied the batteries powering its cars. A123 admitted to having sold flawed batteries, a mistake that is costing the company dearly, though it undoubtedly affected Fisker’s ability to sell cars too.

With cars being accused of causing a garage fire, dying during testing and more, it’s been an important part of the brand’s argument that flawed components were to blame for its poor quality products. Unfortunately, the flaw driving this recall can’t be blamed on anything but poor workmanship.

According to NHTSA certain hose clams might have been improperly positioned on the car’s high-voltage battery leading to a potential coolant leak. In the event of such a leak, the car could short out.

Owners are advised not to charge or drive their cars. Fisker says it will contact all known owners and arrange to have the transported to a repair facility. Given the laundry list of problems associated with this company and its products, owners might be wise to contact Fisker Consumer Affairs directly at  (855) 575-7577.

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