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 |  Jun 20 2012, 11:00 AM

4. Slow for a stylish coupe


The styling of the Veloster is its biggest problem too. It’s hard not to look at the unique little coupe and imagine it zooming through the streets. It must be a blast to drive, right?

Well, while the Veloster isn’t unbearably slow, its looks promise something faster and more exciting than the car delivers on. Despite the quick-shifts of the dual-clutch transmission, for those looking for a more engaging ride, it would serve you well to grab a six-speed manual. The car does react quite decently, but its tiny 138-hp, 1.6-Liter direct injection (GDi) engine needs constant shifting to get going in any hurry.

Perhaps Hyundai attempted to appeal too much to the sensible buyer, rather than an emotional one? After all, Hyundai promises 40 mpg on the highway, and the car’s dual-clutch transmission is dubbed “eco-shift” which hints at it’s fuel-economy prioritized shifting habits.

Those looking for more power, the answer lies in the 201-hp Veloster Turbo launching this summer, which starts at a still affordable $22,725.

  • Hammer

    Love the format. You should do more reviews like this. Easy to digest.

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    It’s also a space to examine and explain notable features to help make you a more educated car shopper.

  • Tony Gratz

    Haha, this car looks like a fat mouse, how ugly.