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 |  Jun 20 2012, 11:00 AM

5. Ride is stiff without being sporty


The most confusing part of the Veloster is its ride. A car as light as the Veloster, with a modest engine should be able to handle, but understeer vanquishes all prospective steering feel, and the rear end gets squirrely under pressure, and in high-speed bumps – likely the result of the torsion beam rear axle.

The low-profile 18-inch tires provided a stiff ride, which is particularly unpleasant over rough pavement.

Thankfully, steering feel is decent and absent is the numb feel most Hyundai’s suffer from. In low speeds the steering is light and lively and at high-speeds the Veloster feels solid. Taken to its limits is when the Veloster underperforms, an expected compromise for a car of this size and price tag.

  • Hammer

    Love the format. You should do more reviews like this. Easy to digest.

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    It’s also a space to examine and explain notable features to help make you a more educated car shopper.

  • Tony Gratz

    Haha, this car looks like a fat mouse, how ugly.