Ford Focus Electric MyFord Mobile App Now Available

Ford Focus Electric MyFord Mobile App Now Available

The Ford Focus Electric comes with its very own app for smartphones, dubbed MyFord Mobile, which is now available for download online.

To compliment the EV technology, the app is capable of telling the owner the current charge status of the car, and how long it will take to finish charging, regardless of the owners location. Also available with the app is the ability to schedule when you want the car to start charging, and a fail safe built in to inform owners if the car isn’t charging when it’s supposed to be or is unplugged for some strange reason.

Locating public charging systems using MapQuest and planning trips to accommodate the needs of the electric motor can also be performed by the app. To encourage eco-friendly driving, the app will track the drivers habits and award achievements which can then be posted to popular social media sites like Facebook and Twitter.

Some of the non-EV related applications include being able to locate the car, unlock and lock the doors and control the climate adjustment settings.

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Watch the video below detailing the app.

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