Generation Y Customers Get Worse Service at Dealerships: J.D Power Study

Generation Y Customers Get Worse Service at Dealerships: J.D Power Study

The automotive industry is slowly moving to cater to the next generation of car buyers, but apparently dealerships haven’t quite caught on. 

The J.D. Power’s consumer satisfaction index study has found that customers aged 35 and over are much more likely to get all of the basic service processes involved in buying a new car. For these young generation Y customers, the salesman is less likely to perform a walk-around, to  review a technician-performed inspection with the customer or to review the work done on the vehicle. Keeping young customers informed about vehicle delivery date and wait times is another area where dealerships are lacking.

Reflecting this service, when asked if they would return to same dealership next time, 48 percent of gen Y customers say they “definitely will” return to the dealer for paid service. That, compared to the 65 percent of customers aged 36 and older who indicated that they “definitely will” return for service.

The salesman in question are likely writing off young customers at a glance, assuming that there is no real money to be made on them. While that might be true at the time, providing quality customer service will entice that young man or woman to come back to the same dealership years down the line, when they have some money and are ready to make a serious purchase.


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