GM Studying Driver Habits to Fine-Tune Self-Driven Cars

GM Studying Driver Habits to Fine-Tune Self-Driven Cars

Autonomous vehicle technology may be a reality in cars by 2015, and General Motors is one of the leaders in the new technology.

GM is also looking at how to properly incorporate the technology safely and effectively into our cars. “People have dreamed of having self-driving cars for decades, but having that capability will be a major adjustment for people when it is first introduced,” said John Capp, GM director of global safety, electronics and innovation.

The “SuperCriuse” self-driving system is based on the driver assist package that is already available on the ATS and XTS. The system will use fuse all of the existing safety systems together to create the self-driving capability.

When studying drivers habits behind the wheel, GM found that when automated driving was engaged, drivers attention to the road increased by 126 percent. Most people in the study admit to texting or e-mailing while driving, while almost all of them also said that it is wrong. The hands-free driving planned to be offered by Cadillac will help allow drivers to communicate on their phone safely, while behind the wheel.

Completely tuning out the surroundings is GM’s biggest concern when it comes to drivers behind the wheel of autonomous vehicles, so a balance needs to be found where the car will do the driving, but still somehow keep the driver engaged.

  • Volvo already has all necessary autonomous driving technologies, including auto-brake. What is really needed is precision-GPS-guided roadmap communication system, which I think Google has the edge.